See you later, Ash. Selamat Hari Raya! (at Kg Nong Chik)

Private party at @rouse_on_dunlop. (at ROUSE)

Private party at @rouse_on_dunlop. (at ROUSE)

Happiness is turning 35 and have a mystery package delivered to your doorstep. Thank you, whoever you are. Kiss. (at 56 Surrey Road, Novena)

Time to go…. and celebrate. #heavyheart (at DDB Singapore)

They know me too well. How’s that for a farewell card? Gonna miss you all. Thank you for the music. (at DDB Singapore)

Monopoly. (at Aletsch Glacier)

Party sticks right next to pregnancy test. #Switzerland (at Bahnhof Fiesch)

Happy feet. (at DDB Singapore)

Happy sixty three mamaku. Love you. (at Nong Chik, JB)

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