Imperfect symmetry. (at Fiesch Bahnhof)

In search of Papa Smurf. (at Fiesch Bahnhof)

The man behind the curtain. (at ROUSE)

Skanks with status. (at ROUSE)

A little over three years since I moved here and you’ve been nothing but good to me. Happy birthday Singapore and thank you for the music.

Last night’s party. (at KOI Bangers + Izakaya)

If you have optionality you don’t have much need for what is commonly called intelligence, knowledge, insight, skills, and these complicated things that take place in our brain cells. For you don’t have to be right that often. All you need is the wisdom to not do unintelligent things to hurt yourself (some acts of omission) and recognize favorable outcomes when they occur. -Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Can’t get anymore startup than this. (at Jalan Papan)

Balik kampung. (at Jalan Papan)

Welcome to Jurong. (at Ayer Rajah Expressway)

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